I’ve heard many kratom users frequently remark how simple things were in the early 2000’s in the kratom world. Typically, the only strains you would encounter would be “super”, “premium”, “maeng da”. Typically, these judgments of quality were simply based upon the euphoric and painkilling capability of the strain in question.

Nowadays, however, it’s not as simple as it seems with strains like: Indo, Borneo, Bali, Thai, Maeng Da, Vietnam, Sunda and Malaysian, it is easy for a new user to get confused quickly, not to mention that when combined with different vein types for all three, there are a hell of a lot of different options.


For these reasons, finding the most euphoric kratom can be a little bit trickier than in years past, however, there is still hope.

Below, I have outlined what are commonly thought of as the most euphoric kratom strains:

• Maeng Da • Bali • Borneo • Indo • Sunda

With the exception of maeng da and sunda, almost all of these strains are sedating, which poses an interesting question, “Why do sedating strains tend to be more euphoric?” The answer to this is quite simple when you consider the alkaloids that make kratom so effective, and the easy answer to this question is 7-hydroxymitragynine. Any of the most euphoric kratom strains you encounter will have high levels of 7-OHM, because it is responsible for at least 75% of the psychological effects of kratom, as well as pain-killing capability.

Strains like maeng da are an exception, because not only do they contain high levels of this alkaloid, but they also contain separate alkaloids responsible for their stimulating effects. This is the reason why maeng da has long been considered the most potent and euphoric strain of kratom.

Which to Choose?

For those of you looking for a highly euphoric strain that promotes high levels of energy and function, maeng da is ideal. For those who are looking for a strain that is euphoric but won’t keep you up at night, bali, borneo and indo are ideal. Each of these different strains are great for their own uses, but misusing the strain, like taking maeng da at night, can have some consequences on your sleeping ability.

While typically considered fairly euphoric, Sunda strains are quite unique in that they tend to have a large spectrum of effects depending upon vein color and supplier, ranging from sedating to energetic. For this reason, like any other strain, it is always good to start at a lower dose and during the daytime without any responsibilities in order to see how the strain will affect you.

Although I’ve listed some of the most frequently euphoric strains of kratom, almost any kratom variety can be euphoric if grown under the right conditions and at the right age. For this reason, a huge part of finding the most euphoric strain is testing out different suppliers and vein types. Kratom doesn’t hit everyone in the same way, and what may be euphoric to one may not be euphoric to the other, so doing a bit of groundwork may be necessary.