Knowing a few Indonesian kratom farmers and suppliers well, I’ve learned a lot about the process of growing, harvesting and drying kratom, but something that struck me as really interested the other day is the drying process and coloration of kratom. Something that most people have very little understanding of.

To start off, there are two primary types of kratom drying techniques: Shade drying, and sun drying. Although both can in certain cases be good, shade drying typically reserves the most alkaloid potency and keeps the plant a nice green color. However, sun drying also has its uses and can create different effects depending upon the strain that is being dried. You’ll know if your kratom was sun dried, if it has a deep tan or slightly brown color.

These different drying techniques result in different effects, and in a lot of cases, sun drying can reduce the likelihood of wobbles. Food for thought. For those who want to learn more on different drying techniques for leaves in general, check this out: